Visit the beauties of Aspropotamos

Escape To Nature


we go down the river with inflatable boats. The crew is constituted by 6 to 8 persons. The boat directs professional driver of the river. Adrenaline is pumping high as we go down the river which is showing as its true face. After a few twists and turns we feel that we finally have the hang of it and we start enjoying the ride.
Canoe Cayak
Routes from a low level of difficulty to medium difficult routes but also routes of unique beauty, ideal for adults and children. Going down the river with canoe one can admire magical virgin forest on the banks of the river.
Jeep Safari
Crossing of forestall streets, rivers, ascent of mountains with jeep, with the escort of a support vehicle with the escort of experienced instructors.
Exploration of virgin regions with dense forests and forgotten hamlets The wildlife and the pandemonium of sounds and colours composed from the flow of the river are certainly a treat for the visitors.
take a ride with the escort of experienced instructors with and well trained horses in numerous paths in the nature.
Ascent in rocks with experienced teachers and with choice of degree of difficulty, depending on your capabilities.
Mountain Bike
Ascent in rocks with experienced escorts and where you can choose the degree of difficulty, depending on your capabilities.
White mountains and amusement for all. Near our hotel you can find at least two well organized ski centres of Greece.
The game in the snow found his absolute expression in snowboard. With the guidance of experienced teachers you learn the right techniques.

Sightseeing Tours

The lake of dragons in Verligka area.
The Holly Abbey of Honest Cross Dolianon
The ancient traditional bridge of Michoy in Anthoussa village, the most important bridge of region
The monastery of Virgin Mary of Galaktotrofousas (1799) in Anthoussa village
The bigger waterfall of the region, The Demon of Tzourtzjas
The Centre of Environmental Briefing
The bridge of Filos in Chaliki village
The bridge of Gika in Krania village
The shelter of wild animals of Stefani village
The springs of Acheloos in Chaliki village
The Kakarditsa, the higher peak of southern Pindos mountain
The Monastery of Prophet Elias in Chaliki village

Aspropotamos River

In the very heart of South Pindus Mountain Range, through the bowels of mount Lakmos (Peristeri), springs the river Achelous also Acheloos. Its crystal clear waters abandon the warm hug of the ground and follow an adventurous current crossing deep canyons and dense forests, flowing under rocky ridges and snowy peaks, forming foaming waterfalls and serene lakes, meeting old stone bridges and forgotten picturesque villages, irrigating green meadows and vast plains.
The natives call it Aspropotamos, meaning “white river”, due to its foaming rushing waters. Many stories have been written, many legends have been told and many songs have been sung about the impetus, the power and the magic of its waters. And if some of them include perhaps a degree of exaggeration the truth is that Achelous is a “divine” river having designated the evolution of human presence and civilization in the areas of its course.

The activities in nature and the river Acheloos are many and of course we are at your disposal for all the services.

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